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When your bored and looking for something fun to do almost anything sounds fun when your brain is just in stall mode of doing the same things over and over again, so we are here to change that and also explain why your brain is getting to that state of bored. For those of you who are curious as to why it happens we are here to provide you with knowledge and entertainment.

First off let’s start off with why you’re feeling so bored and why boredom can also be harmful to you. While the brain is a fascinating organ, it is also easily amused with any titillation it can get a hold of to for a few minutes of excitement. Once the brain is in bored mode, as they say, it hits a point where dopamine levels have hit a low point. But for some this can also be a problem, because some people have developed chronic boredom which is caused by a below level of receptors in the brain which causes their brains to hit a point where they need high levels of excitement so that they are not bored.

It has also been known for those who get bored want to experience new things due to boredom, so they resort to drugs or alcohol to pump the brain up and numb it. We are here to prevent that from happening to you and also to keep that brain of yours excited. If you are an indoors person we are here to save you from the heat that has been happening lately outside and if you’re an outdoors person we have some games for you to play as well.

While you’re indoors, we’d suggest you check out the follow games: Skid Racer, Heat Rush, and Viviparous Dumpling when looking for fun games to play when bored all of these games can be found at, who bring the very best in games to play when bored.

If your curious as to what the games are about? Here are a few short descriptions about each-

Skid Racer is a slot racer game filled with action-packed racing armed with fast cars and a side of thrill.

Heat Rush is another racing game except with a twist that provides missions and gives the user an insight into the future of cars.

And for those of you who are not into fast cars we give you the option of Viviparous Dumpling, which is a game that consists of precise mouse manipulation for moving the sperm-egg inside your mother’s womb, to dodge the toxic danger that is raining down upon you.

If you’re up for a challenge, then this is the game for you but if those games do not interest you be sure to browse the site to find the games that you think will best suit you. Now for those of you who are more into the outdoorsy side of games we have a few suggestions as to what you can play as well.

The first game we suggest you play is probably one of the most popular games to play when bored which is hide and seek where you get someone to count to a set number while the others disappear from the counter and try to get back to the base without getting tagged.

The second game we suggest is Hopscotch which I find to be an amusing game due the embarrassment that comes with trying to hit each square correctly and messing up at times and lastly

The third game we suggest you play is Simon Says, which is a game where you are told what to do by the leader of the group and whoever ends up being the last one left that does not mess up wins.

Now that you’ve been filled with a lot of ideas get out there and kill that boredom with these fun games. And if these are not enough for you, do not forget to check out the most fun games for when your bored online.

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